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…about sketching.

Just a little peek at my underwear. I was having trouble figuring out how to lay out individual projects on my website to keep the solution scalable. So I threw some ink on a page. There’s not much there, but it helped me quickly figure out how the HTML related to the desired layout, and get an idea of how many divs it would take to achieve the desired effect.



A list of projects I’d like to share

Microsoft Agora

Opportunity: Create a mobile shopping experience that changed based on context. In store, offer coupons based on the user’s shopping list and location within the store. Out of store, enhance cutomer’s ability to comparison shop and locate best deal relative to distance.

Responsibilities: UX audit on current offering, Visual Design, UX Design, prototyping,

My personal Healthcare project from SCAD

Opportunity: Empower consumers to take healthcare into their own hands through innovative digital and analog products.

Responsibilities: Project Planning, Project Management, Physical Prototyping, digital Product Design, tech research

Large International Aircraft Corporation

Opportunity: 1. Damage Capture – help guys on the runway identify, capture, and share damage to aircraft, making the decision to “fix or fly” more informed.

Responsibilities: Client Management.

Mobile Banking App:

Opportunity: Mobile Banking application for leading bank in slovakia.

Responsibilities: Wireframing, Process Flow diagramming, Information Architecture

My website

Opportunity: Learn how to code HTML by hand

Responsibilities: Concept, design, comps, visual design, production

JLL, VTech, VTech Internship, KidsII, My personal Mobile Project, Xad

…about googly eyes.

Just a coat hook that needed a little personality.


…about projects.

DIY projects are the only good reason I can think of to stay at home on a weekend in Colorado. And Colorado may be the reason I’ve gotten so few done to date.

Car. Tree. Cabinet.

…about people

People are little more than mushy gushy sacks filled with some mixture of water, carbon, experiences, biases, expectations, disappointments, and needs. People are the reason I have a job. Considering that people come each with his or her own unique and cloudy history, it’s a wonder designers like me think we can solve problems for most of them. He’ll, when I think about it, I’m amazed that there’s a majority of users that I can find some way to cater to.


…about sketching



…about googly eyes.

Found a drain cover in the park. It looked happy.